I Created an image of Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit the hard way.

On a working computer I sourced and downloaded software for Windows 7 Ultimate 64. See:

Folder containing all software I installed off line

Installed Windows 7 ultimate 64 from DVD onto free space of 120 GB HDD:

Windows 7 Ultimate 64 ISO

Turned off system protection, action center, windows defender. Chose not to use recommended settings. This turns Windows firewall off.

Set Windows updates to manual and told Windows not to check for updates. Disabled auto update for WMP. See:

Disabled auto update for Windows Media Player

Tried to update Internet Explorer 8 to 11 off line using this download:

Off line IE 11 64 update

However, the system reported service pack 1 update is missing. So I installed Service pack 1 off line:

Off line Windows 7 64 SP 1 update

I needed more windows updates for IE 11 update:

Off line Windows updates for IE 11 64

Windows must be activated. I used the loader crack by Daz on this ISO download:

Windows 7 Activation cracks

However, the activation on the original Windows is lost when it's image is deployed onto a different hard disk

Removewat Block it from accepting incoming connections

Resized Windows partition and created an NTFS data partition. Used BootitNG:

BootitNG.iso boot CD

Moved data folders to data partition

Created 2nd admin user account and moved data folders to data partition

Installed Office 2007 and moved to data partition the outlook data folder of each user:

Office 2007 Enterprise

Installed uTorrent and set data folders to data partition

uTorrent 2.2.1

Installed software and organized shortcuts in a folder called STUFF:

STUFF folder

Installed security programs: ccleaner, malwarebytes, Winpatrol, PC Tools Firewall Plus, F-Secure Client Security



PC Tools Firewall Plus


F-Secure Client Security

Turned on Windows firewall to block incoming from home and public networks

Installed Google Chrome and Firefox browsers. Installed Adobe Flash, adblockplus.org, bookmarks, Spywareblaster. IE crashed because of a browser add on, research. Before I could disable research add on, I had to start IE in safe mode. Shockwave does not seem to work on 64 bit Windows 7:

Google Chrome Off line installer

Firefox Off line installer

Disable IE Addon

Test and install latest Adobe flash player

Spywareblaster protects browsers

Adblockplus.org blocks popup ads


Told Ccleaner to delete history of all browsers

Installing Windows, service pack upddates and software causes OS partition to become fragmented:

Diskeeper 2011 defrags quickly. Turn off auto defrag

Imaged boot, OS and data partitions

Deployed image of Windows 7 Ultimate 64 on another PC but it failed to boot

Modified registry so my image will boot on any PC after a boot repair:

Booting Images of Windows

Windows 7 64 boot repair CD

There is a newer version of PC Tools firewall plus, version 7.

PC Tools Firewall Plus Version 7

Result: A fast responsive delightful OS on 7200 RPM HDD.

Solid state upgrades will become desireable when prices for them come down