*****  L I T E R A C Y   S K I L L S    Literacy  *******

Stadard Deviants Adverbs, Prepositions, Conjunctions

Stadard Deviants Grammar Follies

ESL English at Work

The Verb


Upgrade Your writing: Building Paragraphs

Upgrade Your writing: PreWriting

Upgrade Your writing: Connections & Transitions

Writing Essays

Writing Paragraphs

Standard Deviants: English Grammar: Agreement

ESL Learning English: Writing

ESL Learning English: Reading & Writing

ESL Learning English: Listening & Speaking

***** S C I E N C E    V O C A B U L A R Y   Science *****

Ignite Science: Geological Time

Ignite Science: Earth Seasons

Ignite Science: Energy and States of Matter

Ignite Science: Structure Versus Function

Ignite Science: Friction Matters

Core Biology: Plant Sciences, Botany

***** B U S I N E S S   Business *****

Standard Deviants: Personal Finance

Budgeting & Financial Decision Making

Personal Finance Essentials: Checking Accounts & Everyday Banking

Biz Kids: How to Achieve Financial Goals

Doc Zone: Customer Disservice

Dealing with Difficult Customers

Standard Deviants: Accounting: Income Statement

Standard Deviants: Spotlight on Accounting: Part 1

***** M A T H   Math *****

Advanced Probability

Probability & Statistics Vol 1

Probability & Statistics Vol 2

Probability & Statistics Vol 3

The Music of Math

Math at Work

General Nature and Uses of Math

Math Video Tutor

MathTutorDVD.com: Word Problems Involving Mixtures

MathTutorDVD.com: Word Problems Involving Numbers

Standard Deviants: Geometry Basics

Discovering Algebra: Finding the Slope of a Line

Algebra for Students: Variable Expressions & Equations

Algebra for Students: Intro to Qaudratic Functions

Algebra for Students: Exploring Pattern & Formulas

Algebra for Students: What Are Linear Equations

Algebra for Students: Intro Inequalities

Algebra for Students: Intro Functions & Relations

Algebra for Students: Exponential Notation

Standard Deviants: College Algebra

***** T E L L   M E    W H Y     Tell Me Why *****

Tell Me Why Food Diet Exercise

Tell Me Why Geography

Tell Me Why Computers

Tell Me Why Electricity

***** G E O G R A P H Y  &  C U L T U R E   Geography & Culture *****

Black Soul, Ame Noire

Magic Journey to Africa

Blacking Up: Hip Hop's Remix of Race & Identity

Bling: A Planet Rock

Elements of Earth Science: Rocks, Minerals and Soils

Black Sugar

Slum Cities: A Shifting World

War Child

Extreme Environments

Modern Marvels: Sugar

Animal Life for Children

The Animal I Love Linson and his Cow, Jauad and his Camel

The Animal I Love Krystal and her Bird, Milena and her Parrot

The Animal I Love Siegfrid and his Xolo, Ramon and his Horse

The Animal I Love Kenza and her Horse, Xadim and his Horse

The Animal I Love Sumek and his Elephant, Kassoumi and her Rabbit

The Animal I Love Melissa and her Iguana, Lilly and her Dog

The Animal I Love Sthembiso and His Little Goat, Sunell and his Parrot

Born Winners Sudirman and Badminton

Born Winners Silvia the Gymnast

Born Winners Sebastien and the Planes

Born Winners Mary and Track

Born Winners Jonathan, the Little Snowsurfer

Travel with Kids Paris

Families of China

Families of Germany

Families of Guatemala

Families of India

Families of Philippines

Families of Thailand

Families of USA

Families of Australia

Families of Mexico

Families of Afghanistan

Families of Canada

Families of Italy

Families of Japan

Families of Kenya

Families of Russia

Families of Ghana

Ancient Cultures

A Taste of Asia: Turkey

Blue Water Destinations: Indonesia to Sri Lanka

China: Land of Ideas: Contributions to the World

Globe Trekker: Beijing

Rudy Maxa's World: Istanbul

Exploring Russia & Helsinki

Factory City

***** C A R E E R   E X P L O R A T I O N   Careers ******

WES: Ready for Work

WES: Reading Reports & Manuals

WES: Communication in the Workplace

Workplace Communication kills

WES: Writing Memos & Letters

WES: Matching Skills with Jobs

Careers in Physical Sciences

STEM Careers for Students Vol. 2

STEM Careers for Students Vol. 1

Real Life 101: Alternative Medicine

Real Life 101: Animal Care Training

Real Life 101: Employment in Hair & Makeup

Ten Things Not to Do In a Job Interview

Big Machines: Road Construction

***** S A F E T Y   Safety *****

Internet Safety for Middle School

Bill Nye: Bike Safety

Bill Nye Safety Smart Science, Germs & Your Health

Test Taking Stratergies for Students

Wild about Safety in the water

Total Immersion: Swimming Made Easy

Teen Leadership

Investigative Reports: Anti Gay Hate Crime

Loves Me Not

A Love that Kills

Hero in the Shadows: A Play about Witnessing Domestic Violence

Sexting: Texting & Sex = Trouble

Hating Tami

Relational Agression in Girls: Bullying Behavior & What to Do About It

The Secret Shame: Bullying

Bullying: There's Always a Way Out

Girls and Bullying, Identify, Understand, Prevent

Cyber Safe: Identifying and Combating Cyber Bullies

Street Racing

Suicide Missions: Counter Terrorism Teams

***** S E X    E D U C A T I O N   Sex *****

Girl to Woman Part 1

Girl to Woman Part 2

Puberty for Boys

Puberty for Girls

Managing Puberty, Social Challenges:

Where Did I Come From (1985)

What is Happening to Me: Sex Education 4 Kids

STIs Facts and Fiction

Becoming Ayden

Dr Money and the Boy With No Penis

***** A R T  &  C R A F T S  Art & Craft *****

Origami Alive with Leonor

Knitting 4 Kids

Art Lessons for Children Vol. 2

***** B I L L   N Y E   BILL NYE *****

Bill Nye: Solving for X

Bill Nye: Physics

Bill Nye: Genetics

Bill Nye: Evolution

Bill Nye: Earth Science

Bill Nye: Electricity

Bill Nye: Chemistry

Bill Nye: Biology

Bill Nye: Volcanos

Bill Nye: Renewable Energy

Bill Nye: Animal Locomotion

Eyes of Nye: Transportation

Eyes of Nye: Global Climate

Eyes of Nye: Genetic Foods

Eyes of Nye: Cloning

***** W E L L N E S S   Wellness ******

Self Discipline

Personal Behavior

Teen Smoking, Smoke Now, Lung Cancer Later:

Open Arms? Open Eyes: Power, Control & Abuse in Teen Relationships:

Jessie's Center for Teenagers:

Beyond The Blues: Child and Youth Depression

Battling Eating Disorders

Linx: Building Self Esteem

Healthier Happier Home

Easy Exercise: Standing

Stretch Exercise

Stress Therapy

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Ancient China: The Secret World of Wellness

Ancient India: The Secret World of Wellness

***** H U M A N   B O D Y   Human Body ************

Organs Health Nutrition

Systems of the Human Body

Miracle of the Human Body: The Sensory System

Circulation: Cardio Vascular System

Miracle of the Human Body: The Reproductive System

Nervous & Skeletal Systems

Standard Deviants: Endocrine System

Biology: Diversity of Organisms

Standard Deviants: The Cell

Standard Deviants: Cell Division

***** N U T R I T I O N   Nutrition *****

Nutrition Prevention

Nutrition Micro

Nutrition Eating Context

Nutrition Program

Standard Deviants: School Nutrition

Nutrition What Body Does

Nutrition Where Food From

Nutrition Savvy Eater

***** H I S T O R Y   History *****

In Rememberance of Martin: A Tribute to Dr Martin Luther King

Coretta Scott King, First Lady of Civil Rights

World Revolutions for Students: South Africa

Slavery & Colonialism in Africa

History of Slavery in America

The African American Achievers: Medical Leaders

Great Black Women: Achievers Against the Odds

African American Leaders of the 20th Century

Raising Afro Self Esteem

African Influence on Early Europe

Taino Counted Out Of Existence

Story of the Garifuna

The Story of Civilization: The Viking Age

The Story of Civilization: The Eastern Empires

The Story of Civilization: The Celtic World

The Story of Civilization: The Americas

The Story of Civilization: Romans & Barbarians

Greece: Secrets of the Past

Secrets of Ancient Empires: The First Merchants

Secrets of Ancient Empires: The First Cities

Secrets of Ancient Empires: The First Beliefs

Secrets of Ancient Empires: The First Armies

China: From Dynasty to Destiny

***** C H E M I S T R Y  &  P H Y S I C S   Chemistry & Physics *****

Standard Deviants: Chemisrty: Solutions & Dillutions

Chemical Reactions

Standard Deviants: Physics


Chemical States of Matter

Standard Deviants: Chemical Gases

Standard Deviants: Chemical Bonds

***** F I R S T   A I D   First Aid  *****

First Response: Breathing Emergencies, Medical Emergencies & Poisons

First Response: Bleeding Wounds & Burns

***** F R A U D      Fraud *****

Scammed Online

North American Scam Alert Vol 1

North American Scam Alert Vol 2

MarketPlace: Getting Gouged by Geeks

Fraud TV: Identity Fraud

Fraud TV: Home Improvement Fraud

Fraud TV: Employment Scam

Fraud TV: Employment Scam

Fraud TV: Counterfeit Money

Fraud TV: Investment Fraud

Fraud TV: Car Insurance Fraud

Getting Away with Murder

W5: Beyond the Grave

**** M U S I C    I N S T R U C T I O N    Music Instruction *****

HIP HOP 4 KIDS: School House Hop

Absolute Beginners Guitar Lessons

Absolute Beginners: Keyboard

Absolute Beginners: Drums

Beginning Drums, Vol 1

Singer's Tools

How to Play Harmonica Instantly by Marcos

***** S P O R T S    Sports ******

Beginning Ice Skating

National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA): Tactitical Development

All the Right Skills: Soccer Skills to Make it All Happen

Basketball University: The Graduates

The Negro in Sports

The Dotted Line

Core Fundamentals Session for Soccer Goalkeepers