Septomber 24, 2010

Free Intel Mac Repair!

I have repaired PCs for 10 years in Toronto.
I am mostly self taught.
I have the following strict policies:

1.  I do NOT touch a computer unless I am wiping the HD (even if new and never used!).

2.  I will NOT install Windows XP on a computer with less than 1 GB RAM! (or is too old for it!).

3.  I will NOT install Windows 7 on a computer with less than 2 GB RAM (or is too old for it!).

4.  I will NOT do partial things! For example, will not fix hardware without also wiping HD!
If customer wants something partial then I refer them elsewhere!

5.  I will NOT install your security programs you have purchased!

6.  Remember I come with the intention of repairing a PC. I cannot waste time and effort just to examine your PC!

7.  I do everything or nothing!

8.  If there is NO agreement on my methods and the price I quote then customer must seek someone else!


I deploy previously prepared multi user images of Windows onto free space onsite:

1. First thing I do is remove your HD and attach it to my PC.

2. I boot from my HD, browse your HD and move your data to my HD.
Data can be saved (documents, pictures, music, videos, favorites, outlook email). 
Programs cannot be saved and usually must be reinstalled!

3. I make your HD all free space.

4. I restore an image of Windows onto your HD.

5. I restore an image of the data partition onto your HD.

6. I copy back your data to my documents of user 1 on the data partition of your HD.

7. Between steps 2 - 6 above, I multitask by cleaning dust from your PC. 
I use an air compressor in the hallway, on your balcony, in back yard or front porch.
In desktops, I usually replace the CMOS battery. If necessary, I install RAM; replace power supply, MB, etc.
Sometimes laptops require almost complete disassembly inorder to remove excessive dust on the CPU fan/heat sink!
Disassembly and reassembly of laptops is quite laborious and challenging!

8. I replace your HD into your clean PC and boot windows.

9. I install mother board devices (may need to download drivers from Internet) 
I always keep a copy of the drivers I used on the data partition.

10 I install peripherals like printer, scanner, webcam, cell phone, etc.

11. If necessary I will setup Internet, router, secured wireless connection, and email in outlook/outlook express.

12. I create an image of drive c:\ and paste it onto drive D:\

13. I leave a rescue kit and usually repeatedly BARK WARNINGS about the danger from the misuse of the BootitNG!
Any good guard dog WILL BARK! RIGHT? I BARK because I care! Its the easiest thing to say nothing and let 
you mess up your PC and take money from you each time! Do NOT take it personally.  This is my way of 
cautioning you. So many customers have misused BootitNG and lost all their data!  That's why I created the 
instructional DVD!

The rescue kit allows you to repair your Windows whenever necessary without losing your data.
The rescue kit consist of instructions on a laminated 8.5 X 11, 
an 8 minute DVD video walking you through the rescue procedure and antivirus update procedure, 
BootitNG software on CD or floppy disk. Play the DVD in the TV and follow along at the PC!

I also repeatedly BARK WARNINGS about exploring what is already installed before you go inflicting damage to Windows
by installing garbage on your PC.  I strongly recommend that customers do NOT install any security software. 
I also show the customer the folder called STUFF which contains shortcuts to all the programs organized in folders. 
I inform when the antivirus will expire and what to do when it does.
I advise customers to clean the area around the PC free of dust every season, 4 times each year!
I show customers how to download music via YouTube, how to download movies using uTorrent and how to burn CD/DVD.
I also show you how to send and receive faxes from your PC.

I configure Internet Explorer for maximum privacy.  It will remember nothing. Cookies, temp files, the history of
recently opened files/programs and browsing history are automatically erased everytime you log off, shutdown or
restart your PC.


I need information before I can give you a quote by phone so please call me when you are near your PC:

1.  Is it a laptop or desktop?  If desktop, is it a brand name like Acer, Asus, Compaq, Dell, E-machine, Gateway, 
HP, IBM, Lenovo, MDG, Sony, Toshiba or clone?

2.  How old is the PC?, When did you buy it?  Was it bought new or used?

3.  What Windows is running on it? On the front cover of the desktop or the palm rest of a notebook PC 
there is a sticker with the Windows logo. If PC is very old it will say designed for Win 98 or Win 2000 or Win XP. 
However, newish net books have XP and 1 GB RAM.

4.  How much RAM is installed? 
If PC boots Windows and is NOT crippled with bugs then right click my computer and left click properties
Else enter the BIOS and check how much system memory is installed. 
As soon as you power on your PC, Press F1, F2, F10 or the delete key to enter BIOS or setup.
Sometimes the front cover of a desktop PC will display the quantity of RAM, capacity of HD and speed of CPU.
Some PCs designed to run Vista come with only 512 MB DDR2 RAM. This is stupid! You need at least 1+ GB RAM!

5. What's wrong with the PC? If a hardware issue then my quote will include  cost for labor and parts.

6. Do you have important files you need saved before I WIPE everything? Do you use Outlook?

7. When do you want your PC repaired?  When are you home?

8. How did you discover my service?

According to the answers to my questions, I will quote $80 - $100 for labor plus $60 - $100 for 1 GB RAM.
My quotes are usually quite accurate. However, sometimes there are unforeseen hardware issues which will inflate 
my initial estimate. Customers you must be reasonable and be prepared to spend more than my quote by phone!
I take payment in CASH only. No cheques and no credit!

It usually takes me 4+ hours to complete my work.  Furthermore, I am almost never on time!
Therefore, keep the day of our appointment free. Remain home and wait for me to arrive!

If you don't live too far away from the Keele and Sheppard area then I can pick up your PC, 
take it home, fix it then return it to you.

If you prefer to drop it off to my residence (I work from home) then best to do this in the mornings. 
If you are dropping off a PC then also bring your printer and webcam.

If a computer is dropped off early in the morning then I can fix it by late afternoon or early evening.
If I have appointments to keep then I need 48 hours.  If the repair is contracted out then turn arround time
will be longer, usually 1 week or two.

Customers my brain needs oxygen! Nothing is worst than stale stagnant air! For God's sake open a window 
and turn on a fan to circulate the air!

Also, I need to concentrate on what I am doing, so too much conversation/questions while I am working is annoying 
and distracting. Also, I cannot stand loud TV.  Please lower or mute the volume. 

I despise tobacco smoke and will request you do not smoke in my presence! WEED IS OK!

Customers you know too many cooks spoil the broth and no two PC technicians will have the same opinion.
Customers please consult with me.  Don't go consulting with others after and while I fix your PC because they have
no clue about my work. My service is unique, not found anywhere else!

I despise people who want to beat down my price while making empty promises to give me customers!
Experience has taught me that their referrals demand the same discount.  I do not need this!
I already have loyal customers who pay my full price and referr me to others who do the same!

Remember, typically a customer calls me every 2 years or annually.  Compare this to your average PC tech you
call 4+ times annually.  My service is already saving you mucho dollars so please don't beat down my price.

From this day forward service will be denied to all those who wish to beat down my prices!

Lastly DrPCDr does NOT eat nor drink from customers so don't nag me to eat or drink something. 
Thanks in advance! Also DrPCDr is NOT seeking romance especially while working. DrPCDr has been celebate for
about 6 months and may just remain celebate. It's easier on my wallet. No I am NOT GAY!

Contact Chris, AKA DrPCDr 

416 398 3772 
416 398 DRPC