I work from home. I do onsite repairs for businesses that require it.

Computers belonging to residential customers are repaired at my home. See:


I mainly deploy images of operating systems, Windows, Linux and OS X. I perform Simple data recovery.

I often report my experiments creating images of operating systems and I post solutions to problems in computing.

The following is quoted from this link and gets Windows 7 to boot normally

Boot to the windows's installation DVD or Boot Repair CD:

Windows 7 32 bit repair disc

Windows 7 64 bit repair disc

At command prompt type the following commands:

bootsect.exe /nt60 all

bootrec /fixmbr

bootrec /fixboot

bootrec /rebuildbcd

Often the Windows 7 boot repair disc will fix boot problems automatically

2012 I shared an image of Linux Mint 9 LXDE

2015 I shared an image of Linux Mint 13 LXDE

2016 I shared an image of Linux Mint 18 Xfc

Help for deploying image of Linux Mint 18

2014 I created my first image of OS X, Mountain Lion

2016 I created my second image of OS X, El Capitan

Along with operating systems, I deploy a collection of 500 educational videos and 600 songs

youtube-mp3.org downloads & converts YouTube videos to MP3

youtubeinmp4.com downloads audio and video from YouTube.com

Download from Soundcloud

Download from Facebook

Wave pad amplified some tracks dowloaded from YouTube:

95% of the videos were obtained from the Toronto Public Library, 416 394 1006

About 5% of 1200+ videos were downloaded from YouTube.com

The playable DVD's were ripped to 4 2TB hard drives via DVD Decrypter

Old version of handbrake shrunk and converted ripped files to a single MP4 file, one tenth the size of the original ripped files

Videos on my Facebook page

Free Education Project: videos that educate, motivate and promote wellness

A selection of Afrocentric videos created for black history month Feb 2017

Google Drive Hosts The Free Education Project, 100GB For $1.99 US Monthly!

TXT2HTML Converter converts a plain text file to an HTML document by Right clic contect menu

While working on the Free Education Project, I used 8 Public libray cards.

Without the Support of Queen, Jodi, Clova, Adachie, Angie, Ian and Napthalie, the Free Education would not exist. Thank You All!

I also convert audio cassette tapes to mp3 or music CD, VHS to MP4 or playable DVD

My service is unique because I provide my customers with free rescues by voice whenever their operating system needs future repairs. This is made possible by partitioning the hard disk. I move the data folders to the data partition. Finally I paste onto the data partition, an image of the partition running the operating system. Free system rescues wipe clean the operating system, leaving customer's data intact on the data partition. I do this for Windows, Linux & OS X

Spiderman to the Rescue!

Rescue video shot and edited by Kuna in 2008

Rescue Kit I gave to my customers

Rescue Procedure

2004 I use BootitNG to create, deploy and rescue images of Windows

I use IFL to create, deploy and rescue images of Linux and OS X

I import bookmarks into IE, Chrome and Firefox web browsers

Install Adblock Plus into IE, Chrome and Firefox web browsers

I watch Democracynow.org not television!

The Young Turks is Good Journalism Too!

DrPCDr.ca is frugal

Flyermall Shrinks Grocery Bill. Many Merchants Price Match!

I order special tools and gadgets from Amazon

I order special tools and gadgets from Ebay, cheaper than Amazon

Find suppliers of items in bulk from Alibaba.com

Canadabeeswax.ca supplies the best quality in bulk for $8 per pound

I contract out laptop screen replacement, laptop motherboard component repairs, forgotten BIOS password work around and inexpensive complex data recovery to Digital Solutions. Abandoned laptops I cannot repair I donate freely to Digital Solutions who is able to repair them for resale

I refer callers seeking cell phone, tablet or & stereo repair to Digital Solutions, 647 349 9155

Many people are seeking the services of an inexpensive website developer. I refer them to Mike who does websites for $200. 416 669 9744

I also sell computers as needed. I do not keep inventory. Search DrPCDr on Kijiji.ca Toronto

Only in order to complete computer repairs do I sell replacement parts.

I purchase refurbished computers and monitors from Merchants Canada in Downsview Park 416 638 1515 or Hitech Bay in Scarborough 1 855 955 8324

Best Bear in Vaughan/Woodbridge 416 900 8995 is an excellent supplier of used hard drives. I purchase used computer parts from Above All Electronics 647 303 7843, Advanced Computers 647 348 9191, Hitech Recycle, 416 636 7420

I buy blank CD's and sleeves from Techsource Canada 647 430 9028

I have given away to many customers free music CD's along with the rescue CD . See my business card:

My Business Card Created by Julia of Eshow

Please note I printed 100,000 business cards in late 2013. In 2016 I raised my price $10.

Line 3 of side 2 of my business card says:

Block Virus, Popup Ads, Hackers

I now deploy F-Secure Client Security

I deploy Malwarebytes

Deploy PC Tools Firewall Plus

Install Adblock Plus into IE, Chrome and Firefox web browsers

Ccleaner automatically erases browser history

Spywareblaster protects browsers from malware

Winpatrol controls startup items and monitors behavior of software

Line 4 of side 2 of my business card says:

Free Office, Antivirus & Music CD

Office 2007 Enterprise

A Free On-Line Scanner exists. It is called F-Secure

A Free antivirus exists for Windows and Mac. It is called AVG Free. It hogs system resources while it collects & sells your browsing history. I no longer deploy it on Windows!

I now deploy F-Secure Client Security

I deploy VPNBook along with my new image of Windows 7 64 bit and Windows 10 Ent 64 bit. VPNBook is a VPN app that hides your IP address and geographic location. This may allow you to connect to websites that restrict access based on your location.

Download Windows 10 Enterprise 64 bit, 1703

VPNBook changes the password every 2 weeks and does not allow you to connect to it automatically. You must manually enter the password each time you connect

I made a video to help customers change the password and connect to VPNBook

VPNBook App uses OpenVPN

I also deploy Opera which has a built in VPN with a connection speed exceeding that of your ISP. However, VPN browser plugins only anonymize the activity of the browser and do not prevent apps like Skype, Windows Media Player and Outlook from broacasing your IP address.

Download Opera Browser

Checkout my music playlists at 8tracks.com:

Download my music CD's

Line 5 of side 1 of my business card says:

Free Rescue & Education

Rescue CD for free future repairs by DrPCDr.ca

Download and Burn Rescue CD

Educational Videos on my Facebook page

Free Education Project: videos that educate, motivate and promote wellness

A selection of Afrocentric videos created for black history month Feb 2017

Educational Videos for parents

Educational Videos for babies

Educational Videos for Grade 1 to 5

Educational Videos for Grade 6 to 10

Google Drive Hosts The Free Education Project, 100GB For $1.99 US Monthly!

Line 5 Side 2 is a result of not keeping inventory. Before I can buy computers, I must acquire cash from buyers:

Buy Great Computers On Blind Trust

DrPCDr.ca, was first registered by Logix Data Products in 2004

Logix Data Products

Image of my brand, DrPCDr.ca, was created by littleguylogos.com in 2012

Littleguylogos.com also created my image for HighlyHerbal.ca brand

Image for my brand, HighlyHerbal.ca, was created in 2017

Around Christmas 2016 I decided to deploy 600 songs to the data partition. Now I usually don't bother giving a free music CD.

The 600 songs were a result of my addiction to 8Tracks.com which began from near Christmas 2015 to Christmas 2016. Each playlist is an 80 minute full music CD I would burn then rip the tracks and upload to 8Tracks.com

I created over 35 music CDs to get 600 tracks. So average full CD contains 17 tracks

Checkout my music playlists at 8tracks.com:

Nero 7 burns and rips music CD's and will write the track info to the CD

Serial for Ahead_Nero_7.10.1.0_29825.htm

Sometimes I give basic computer lessons to customers. I record the sessions with cracked Camtasia studio 7

I recycle computer scrap at Canada Iron & Metal, Jane & Dundas 416 762 7351

My story, how I became DrPCDr.ca was published by El Centro in 2008,

El Centro Newspaper

My Obama Calendars were designed & printed by Yolanda, Tekno Printing 416 658 1833

I have taken many courses in computer science:

My Ancient Resume

My not so Ancient Resume

Computers for Schools pays YOUNG PEOPLE to learn computer repair & more

Kids@Computers provide free computer, printer and high speed Internet access. I have serviced many of their customers without being referred by them:

The City of Toronto's kids@computers Scholarship Project has been awarding computers and Internet access to children of low-income families in Toronto since 2001

DrPCDr.ca is also low income and gets help from 211.ca:

211.ca helps people living in poverty. Can refer anyone to thousands of services available

DrPCDr.ca Struggles by TTC

My Mercedes Benz!


DrPCDr.ca has existed since 2004. web.archive.org archives websites!

In 2004 I taught myself HTML using this great HTML Tutor and reference!

Notepad++ is a great text editor for coding HTML

My Ex Sponsor and web host, Silenceisdefeat.org now freeshell.org provides free shell access

Logix is my ISP

Ipower hosts DrPCDr.ca

2010 I created a website to help people find jobs. This was a project started while attending RCC and finished at my home after I dropped out

Best project of my class but graded F by RCC. The Story of Apple Computers

I was in RCC's Network Admin & Security Program, 2010 - 2011

2012 I created a website to help me distribute my business cards at popular events in the GTA

I have always been interested in medicine. For 3+ years I studied biochemical technology at Algoquin College in Ottawa

June 2006 I completed pharmacy dispensing certificate in Toronto

My Pharm Tech Program and Marks

Pharmacy web page I created in 2006

Currently, I am seeking funding to start a home based business producing herbal products

My GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign

Checkout my business plan

HighlyHerbal.ca projection of Net Income before taxes

I buy herbs from Bulk Barn

Genesis Bulk & Natural Foods

Nice Easy free online graph tool

Free online PNG to PDF converter

Free online Word to PDF converter

Send Faxes Free Anywhere Anytime

Free Online Invoice Service

Spotmau Boot disc clears forgotten admin password

I am not very savvy with social media and emails may not get read.

So the best way to contact me is to ring my cell. Second best option is to text my cell phone: 647 453 3327

Please note my cell blocks private numbers, annoying telemarketers, obnoxious collections and abusive customers. All 1 800 numbers are blocked!

Mr Number is a great app for Android and iPhone cell phones

Btw: I also deploy a collection of 100+ old low graphics games along with Windows.

I created a semi automatic games installation CD in 2005

This 327 MB collection of 100+ games consumes less than the capcity of half a CD, 350 MB

It installs 100+ games by copying 2 folders, Gaymz to root (C:). User is instructed to copy MyGaymz folder to desktop

Some of these games are available from DOS Games Archive